Letter from the Chairman

In 2019, the world moves at a faster – and most would argue – more efficient pace. Goods and services travel at lightning speed to reach businesses and homes; overnight delivery is commonplace. To most, the "how" of goods moving from place to place, country to country, timezone to timezone isn't important, it simply is the price of doing business in the modern world. For those of us in the transportation world however, this is precisely what we do; design, build, and maintain the very systems for making Illinois businesses and families run safely and effectively.

Investments in road, rail, air, water, and transit systems enable Illinois to move. Without them the economy and lives would stand still. The Illinois Road & Transportation Builders Association is committed – through its 80 years of service – to provide a future that is fast, safe, and efficient; striving to advance and promote the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois.

IRTBA works toward accomplishing goals set forth in our Strategic Plan. Five specific areas are highlighted:

  1. IRTBA will be the successful leader and advocate for stimulating increased funding at all levels for the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois;
  2. IRTBA will be its members’ indispensable resource for networking, training, education, and business services;
  3. IRTBA will be the recognized authoritative public voice and credible information source for the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois;
  4. IRTBA will play an active role in addressing diversity within the industry; and
  5. IRTBA will be a leader in establishing and implementing sensible and innovative environmental practices.

Whether roadways, airports, bridges, waterways or public transit; the bottom line is; transportation built Illinois. The state must continue to lead the nation in innovation, safety, and construction of our transportation systems. 

I look forward to working with you as the IRTBA strives to accomplish these goals and continues to be the most effective force for the transportation design and construction industry.


Mark Barkowski
IRTBA Chairman 2018-19



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