Infrastructure Wear & Tear

Illinois roadways are made up of a combination of sand, stone, liquid asphalt, and/or concrete. These materials are natural resources in our region. Just as we are encouraged to buy locally grown foods for its environmental benefits, the construction industry and its users benefit from locally-produced and recycled construction materials. This means we receive the benefit of reduced air pollution from fewer hauling miles. Similarly, these materials are native to our region and thus react more favorably to the climate conditions. Yet, poor weather conditions can still wreak havoc on our streets. Potholes are an outcome of the numerous freeze/thaw cycles we experience; they are created by moisture that penetrates the pavement during freeze/thaw cycles.  It is not unusual for the Chicago region to experience numerous freeze/thaw cycles in a winter season. The Chicago region is also the hub of the nation for vehicular traffic (as well as all other modes of travel). On an average day, portions of the Dan Ryan Expressway can hold over 307,100 vehicles including 15,000-20,000 trucks. According to the ARTBA, one truck, on average, can do the damage of 40,000 cars on our roads’ surfaces. 

The IRTBA is committed to building safe and sustainable infrastructure. We are consistently improving practices while seeking innovative techniques and materials to improve our streets for the safe movement of our nations and region’s residents and goods. 

What Causes Potholes?

The climate in the State of Illinois is subject to numerous freeze/thaw cycles that wreak havoc on our roads.  Snow and Ice creates excess moisture that penetrates our roadway surfaces during thaw/freeze cycles.  This causes expansion and contraction in our roads surfaces which leads to the creation of potholes. 

The strain that the amount of car and truck traffic our roadways experience is far beyond what most other cities or states experience, which adds to the wear and tear on Illinois' roads.

How to Get Involved

Your voice counts and together we can make a difference! Take action to educate and bring awareness to the need for long-term transportation funding. Step outside of your comfort zone to effect real change in the way our government responds to the needs of commuters and the motoring public. Whether you’re a member of industry or a concerned citizen – your time, thoughts, and expertise can open doors through outreach and help change the laws and policies that affect your community and your ability to get you to and from where you need to go. Get involved by contacting your legislator today. 

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