Legislative Policy Priorities

The IRTBA believes that the top priority for business and government leaders must be to advance policies that strengthen one of our state's greatest assets – its transportation system. We look forward to collaborating with elected officials, partners, stakeholders, and our members to advance these agendas, policies, and positions. Toward this end, the IRTBA strives to promote policies and projects that:

Promote Economic Development & Increase Funding
Reform the Transportation System
Improve Infrastructure 
Advance the Business Climate

How Positions Are Developed

The foundation of IRTBA's positions is grounded in our mission statement, principles, strategic plan, and current policies and input from many of the IRTBA committees. These goals take into consideration political and policy trends; potential new initiatives, existing and expected proposals from Congress and the Illinois General Assembly.
The IRTBA is a committee-driven organization that takes public policy direction from the priorities of its membership. Federal, state, and local issues are brought to the attention of the committees through research by staff, committee chairs, members, agencies, partner associations, and lawmakers themselves. Committee members, along with staff, analyze and develop recommendations that are then presented to the Governmental Affairs Committee for guidance on the policy position, and the Board of Directors for approval.  All of this is done so that legislative staff, the IRTBA lobbyists, and grassroots teams can effectively advocate on the IRTBA’s behalf. 

This model promotes sound policymaking through engagement from the grassroots level. Advocacy groups such as the IRTBA are fundamental to our system of democracy. The IRTBA helps identify issues and craft policies that benefit the State of Illinois, its businesses and its citizens.

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