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Road Builder University seminars and webinars feature educational hot topics of the transportation industry to provide meaningful information not only to those new to the industry, but also to those who wish to expand their current business. Exchanging valuable insights, background, and information helps the industry overall. Road Builder University allows members to gain this knowledge in a small, classroom-style format or at the comfort of their desks in a convenient webinar format. Both formats allow presenters to engage with their audience and allow for detailed question and answer sessions following the presentation.

Members can register to participate in future seminar and webinar events. All events are listed below, the most recent event appearing on the top of the list. Upcoming events will include links to registration materials and past events will appear with a link to any presentation materials made available and/or an archived webinar video, which may be viewed at any time. Webinar events are made free to IRTBA members to view live or at your convenience in an archived video format, made possible by sponsorship from our webinar host company, Assurance Agency.

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Distracted Much? Changing a Distracted Driving Culture
Webinar Training (FREE)
One (1) Hour
Presentation by Jennifer Smith, CEO of StopDistractions.org

Learn the science behind why people drive distracted; a description of cognitive distraction and what you see and don’t see when driving distracted. Become educated on the results of distracted driving and its effects – including increased insurance rates, etc. Find out about the reasons behind the addiction to cell phones and become educated on how apps are designed to be addictive and what it is doing to our brain. Gain knowledge on telematics data and how the motoring public is using phones behind the wheel. Learn about the laws surrounding distracted driving, enforcement of those laws, and how to initiate change of cultural norms among your colleagues, friends, and family. Implement tips for you to use in your personal life and throughout your community to lead by example, end the epidemic of distracted driving, and save the lives of the ones you love. Speaker Jennifer Smith lost her mother to a distracted driver on their cell phone. Through her advocacy speeches across the nation, Ms. Smith has made many connections to families with the same experiences, along with acquiring a vast knowledge of the science and research on the issue of distracted driving.

To increase awareness and public education on this critically-important topic, the association has made the recorded version available to share with the public, via the archived, on-demand video (linked below).

This event and archived video are FREE to IRTBA members and the public thanks to the generous sponsorship of Assurance Agency. 


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