Route 53 Works for Lake County

The Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association (IRTBA) launched a major cable, radio, and digital ad campaign supporting the Illinois Route 53 expansion project. The campaign features IRTBA's first television advertisement of the year. "Works" highlights the significant benefits the Route 53 expansion project will bring to Lake County. In addition to reducing congestion and traffic, saving the average commuter 20 hours per month, the Route 53 project will boost the Lake County economy by creating up to 30,000 new full-time jobs without harming the environment. The Route 53 project will enhance the quality of life for residents of Lake County by creating new full-time jobs and reducing traffic so residents have more time to spend with their families.


Citizens to Protect Transportation Funding

The Illinois Transportation Funds Amendment, or Safe Roads Amendment, constitutionally protects all revenue contributed by drivers through motor fuel taxes, licenses, and registration fees and ensure that the money is used solely for transportation purposes.

Citizens to Protect Transportation Funding (CPTF) was a statewide, bi-partisan coalition committed to strengthening Illinois' infrastructure and supporting the Safe Roads ballot initiative. 

Why Should We Protect This Fund?

Taxpayer Fairness; those who drive on roads and pay fees toward that should reap the benefit of those fees. Cost=Benefits; you get what you pay for. Government Accountability; reasonable expectation that money paid at the gas pump will end up funding infrastructure. Common sense; Illinois needs quality roads, bridges, and public transit systems to continue getting safely to work and school and to keep goods and services as well as our economy moving.

Work Zone Safety

IRTBA works diligently to ensure Illinois' transportation network is safe for all users - including motorists, pedestrians, construction and maintenance workers, and passengers. Our Construction & Work Zone Safety Committee provides knowledge transfer of safety matters to members through training opportunities of value and relevance, review of OSHA regulations, and member citations to provide assistance resolving safety matters and improving safety throughout the transportation industry.