Public Awareness & Communications

IRTBA is the authoritative voice and credible information source for the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois. Illinois is quite literally the center hub for transportation in our nation. Our transportation network provides the foundation needed to keep businesses and families moving every single day – to get to and from work or school; to bring families together; and to move goods and services in and out of our state. Our roads, bridges, runways, railways, and waterways are the key to Illinois’ economic livelihood. We must invest in the future in order to remain a transportation leader.

How to Get Involved

Your voice counts and together we can make a difference! Take action to educate and bring awareness to the need for long-term transportation funding. Step outside of your comfort zone to effect real change in the way our government responds to the needs of commuters and the motoring public. Whether you’re a member of industry or a concerned citizen – your time, thoughts, and expertise can open doors through outreach and help change the laws and policies that affect your community and your ability to get you to and from where you need to go. Get involved by contacting your legislator today. 


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