Internal Committees

Internal committees are important to achieving the Association's strategic goals through the active involvement of everyone. These committees are the "idea factory" for the organization's educational programs, networking events, and the foundation to creating business building opportunities. These committees include Government Affairs, Public Information, Membership, Meetings, Convention, and Golf Outing committees.

Each committee is expected to produce an annual work plan, designed to develop initiatives and goals that will better achieve the IRTBA's Strategic Plan. A listing of committee representatives, as well as further information about each committee's work plan, mission, and meeting materials are included on each individual committee webpage.

Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee shall serve to review the annual budget, ensure compliance with the reserve and investment policies, review the annual audit for presentation to the Board, and make recommendations to ensure a healthy financial condition of the Association.

Convention Committee

The Convention Committee shall be responsible for all activities related to the IRTBA Annual Convention. The Committee will offer recommendations to increase networking, retain membership, as well as add to overall goodwill of the association.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall serve with full authority of the Board of Directors when time is of the essence.  Further, the mission shall include oversight of parliamentary activities of the Internal, Industry and Technical Committees of the Association.  The Committee shall further ensure the development and implementation of the Association’s Strategic Plan.

Golf Outing Committee

The Golf Outing Committee shall be responsible for all aspects and activities relating to the Annual Golf Outing in summer, as well as the Golf Outing that takes place at the IRTBA Annual Convention. 

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee shall promote federal, state and local Legislative and Executive action that serves the interests of the transportation industry. Its mission includes education, advancing positions, shaping public policies and promoting legislation that benefits individuals and firms associated with the transportation design and construction industry.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for activities designed to recruit and retain Association membership.  The Committee shall offer recommendations and coordinate efforts with other committees in order to fulfill its mission.

Past Chairs' Advisory Council

The Past Chairperson's Advisory Council is comprised of past IRTBA chairs for both the IRTBA Board of Directors and the Planning and Design Division Board of Directors.  The Council is charged with providing guidance to the IRTBA staff and Board on programs related to the development of new leaders, the review of the association’s leadership succession plan and the other IRTBA policy initiatives as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

Public Information Committee

The Public Information Committee promotes the Association and the transportation industry as a whole. The Committee supports and helps implement industry-related campaigns and initiatives to further advance the goals of the Association, its members and partner industry groups. In addition, the Committee provides organizational support to strengthen strategic communications initiatives and promote effective public affairs strategies.