Industry Technical & Research Groups

Industry & Technical Research groups are comprised of various policy-driven committees as well as technical committees that provide specialized expertise to provide interpretation, recommendations, and knowledge exchange on the industry’s technical matters to individual stakeholders, state and local agencies, Association staff, or to the membership as a whole. 

Each committee is expected to produce an annual work plan, designed to develop initiatives and goals that will better achieve the IRTBA's Strategic Plan. A listing of committee representatives, as well as further information about each committee's work plan, mission, and meeting materials are included on each individual committee webpage. These industry experts make up the following committees: 

Construction & Work Zone Safety

The Construction and Work Zone Safety shall be responsible for the knowledge transfer of safety matters, training requirements, and regulations regarding all safety matters involved in the work zone. The Committee shall design a safety conference and seminars to provide training opportunities of value and relevance to the Association members. Its efforts shall be coordinated with IL ATSSA, the Chicagoland Construction Safety Council and OHSA to ensure timeliness, value and an overall improvement of construction safety. The Committee shall also coordinate efforts with the Public Information Committee to bring safety concerns and public awareness campaigns to our members and all industry stakeholders. The Committee additionally shall review current OSHA regulations and member citations to provide assistance in resolving matters and improving safety throughout.

Equal Opportunity Committee

The Equal Opportunity / DBE Committee shall formulate, implement, and review policy on matters of EEO, Affirmative Action, and DBE. The Committee shall do this only after a thorough understanding of regulations and legislation of these issues both at the state and federal levels. Efforts shall be coordinated with state and federal agencies and other associations. The Committee shall ensure that the policies of the Association protect the interests of all members of the Association and that they serve to support the activities of the Membership Committee.

Labor Relations Committee

The Labor Relations Committee shall be responsible for the development of and implementation of the Association’s labor relations policy as well as to provide knowledge to members and staff regarding proposed or existing legislation effecting our members’ labor practices. The Committee shall provide direction to and representation of members in terms of pension, health and welfare benefits and other collective bargaining matters. Federal, state and local matters shall be analyzed by the Committee and relayed to the Board of Directors for consideration.

Training & Education Committee

 The Training & Education Committee (formerly Professional Services) shall be responsible for bringing the benefits of the specialized knowledge of the Association’s professional services members to the membership as a whole. This shall be accomplished through knowledge transfer, recommendations on proposed regulatory and legislative matters, and the interpretation of the same. It may also include recommendations on policy and practices based on these regulations. This Committee shall address issues of concern to the transportation industry, including but not limited to issues such as education of technical subjects, industry specifications, insurance, financial and legal matters, elected officials political information dissemination, human resource, labor, advancing technology, engineering, and safety.

Design, Construction Research Committee (DCR)

The Design, Construction Research Committee (DCR) is comprised of the chairs of 12 Subcommittees, which focus in various technical areas and are responsible for coordinating the interests of the Planning & Design Division of the Association with the general membership. The DCR Committee and its subcommittees provide specialized expertise to provide interpretation, recommendations, and knowledge exchange on the industry’s technical matters to individual stakeholders, state and local agencies, Association staff, or to the membership as a whole. 

A listing of main DCR Committee makeup is included on this page, as well as meeting materials and a request form to submit materials for review by the DCR Committee or it's Subcommittees. A list of each Subcommittee's representatives and meeting materials are included on each individual subcommittee webpage.

DCR - Bridges Subcommittee

DCR - Contract Administration Subcommittee

DCR - Contract Plan Quality Subcommittee

DCR - Design-Build Subcommittee

DCR - Electrical Subcommittee

DCR - Industry Technology Subcommittee

DCR - Landscape & Erosion Control Subcommittee

DCR - Paving Subcommittee

DCR - Sewer & Water Subcommittee

DCR - Traffic Control Subcommittee

DCR - Utilities Subcommittee