Letter from the Chair

Michael Paine
​​​Vice President
Dunnet Bay Construction Co.

IRTBA is Illinois transportation design and construction industry’s best resource for building relationships, expanding business reach, advocating for the industry at local, state, and federal levels. In addition, the Road Builders' political capital remains at an all-time high.

Membership in the Association allows you to grow your network at events like our Annual Meeting and Holiday Party, which boasts over 1,500 attendees; our Annual Convention, held this year at the Phoenician in Scottsdale, AZ; our Golf Event, the largest industry golf outing; or our three General Membership Meetings. You can take advantage of numerous educational seminars and events and enroll staff in our Emerging Leaders Program, where they will learn the “big picture” of the industry and tools to hone their leadership potential. If you wish to engage on a deeper level, you can sit on one of many committees, such as IDOT and Tollway Co-op’s, Work Zone Safety, Planning & Development, Sustainability, and more. Our lauded Friday Facts Newsletter will keep you up to speed on industry news.

Beyond the activities of membership lies the common purpose of a united industry presence. Where one company might struggle with an issue, membership allows multiple companies to use one voice to lobby and advocate for the resolution of issues common to member companies. The Association lobbies for laws to benefit our members and lends its weight to fight those policies that would be damaging to our industry; with one united purpose, we can accomplish more than we can alone.

IRTBA continues to be guided by our Strategic Plan which highlights five specific areas:

  • Advocacy: IRTBA will continue to be the successful leader and advocate for implementing funding and programs at all levels for the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois.
  • Business Improvement: IRTBA will continue to be its members’ indispensable resource for training, education, business services and positive experiences.
  • Communication: IRTBA will continue to be the recognized authoritative public voice and credible information source for the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois.
  • Diversity: IRTBA will continue to be a proactive force for increasing workforce and business ownership diversity within the industry. 
  • Environment: IRTBA will continue to be a leader in promoting sustainable, sensible and innovative environmental practices.

While transportation has traditionally been taken for granted, it has enabled Illinois to move. To most, the "how" of goods moving from place to place, country to country, time zone to time zone isn't important, it simply is the price of doing business in the modern world. For those of us in the transportation world however, this is precisely what we do; design, build, and maintain the very systems for making Illinois businesses and families run safely and effectively. Without them, the economy and lives would stand still.

The Illinois Road & Transportation Builders Association is committed – through its 86 years of service –to provide a future that is fast, safe, and efficient; striving to advance and promote the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois. The state must continue to lead the nation in innovation, safety, and construction of our transportation systems. Infrastructure is critical for both Illinois’ and our nation’s economy.

I look forward to working together as IRTBA strives to accomplish our goals and aid in boosting Illinois’ economy as the most effective force for the transportation, design and construction industry.


Michael Paine
IRTBA Chairman 2024-25