Where We Stand

The IRTBA is committed to advancing and promoting the transportation design and construction industry in Illinois. This section is designed to outline state and federal issues that the Association intends to focus on and build advocacy efforts around, as well as promote the short- and long-term transportation priorities of the Association to members, legislators, and the public, as well as outline. These positions provide a blueprint to making investments, budget planning, and making important decisions about legislative initiatives. 

Throughout the legislative session, the IRTBA will continue to advocate for solutions focused around broad goals as well as specific legislative proposals. These goals and proposals are intended to change over time as issues develop and positions change. Consequently, the IRTBA will continue to redefine our priorities as new legislation and regulations are introduced and enacted. All endorsements for legislative and regulatory support or opposition must be reviewed by the IRTBA Governmental Affairs Committee. The IRTBA welcomes the input and insights of its members, partners, and elected officials as all stakeholders work together to reach common goals.


Contact: Mike Sturino | President & CEO | E: msturino@irtba.org | P: (630) 773-1220