Agency Cooperatives

The Association’s involvement with other transportation agencies is geared at improving the environment and efficiency in which our members operate. Agency Cooperative Committees are directed to identify, discuss, and resolve matters that arise from state and local agencies and aid in building a mutually-beneficial relationship with them. Image enhancement, professionalism, and expertise shall be among the specific outcomes of these activities.

A listing of committee representatives, and meeting materials are included on each individual committee webpage.

Cooperative Committees: 

Chicago Department of Aviation Co-op

City of Chicago Department of Transportation Co-op

Cook County Department of Transportation & Highways Co-op

DuPage County Division of Transportation Co-op

IDOT District One Joint Forum/Co-op

IDOT Springfield Co-op

Illinois Tollway Co-op

Kane County Division of Transportation Co-op

Lake County Division of Transportation Co-op

Transit & Freight Rail Co-op (CTA, Metra, Freight Rail Lines)

Will County Division of Transportation Co-op

Policy Committees: 

IDOT Industry Policy Committee

Tollway Industry Policy Committee