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Save the dates for the year to ensure you're available to attend all of IRTBA events! Registration is available upon signing in and clicking on the "Events" menu above. Further event information is available on each individual event page, which is accessible to members only. Events hosted by the IRTBA are for members and prospective member guests only. Prospective members must be sponsored by a current IRTBA member and may attend a maximum of one IRTBA event as a member guest of the host member, pending approval by the Board of Directors. Previous members who have had their membership dues lapse are not eligible to attend IRTBA events as a guest.


October 26, 2023
General Membership Meeting-State of the Industry, Part 2

December 7, 2023
IRTBA 86th Annual Meeting/Hyatt Regency

March 9-15, 2024
IRTBA 39th Annual Convention

April 18, 2024
Sustainability Council Annual Meeting

May 30, 2024
General Membership Meeting 

New Member Orientation



Planning & Design Conference 

September 17, 2024
IRTBA 43rd Annual Golf Outing/Cog Hill 

September 26, 2024
General Membership Meeting- State of the Industry Part 1 

October 30, 2024
General Membership Meeting-State of the Industry, Part 2

December 12, 2024
IRTBA 87th Annual Meeting/Hyatt Regency

February 7-13, 2025
IRTBA 40th Annual Convention






IRTBA members are reminded that the Board of Directors has enacted a policy concerning guests at IRTBA events. No elected official may attend an IRTBA event without prior approval of the Board of Directors. Agency staff continues to be welcome at events. IRTBA events are for MEMBERS and PRE-APPROVED PROSPECTIVE MEMBER GUESTS ONLY.