IDOT Unveils MYP

Governor J.B. Pritzker today announced that Illinois Department of Transportation plans to spend nearly $41 billion on transportation infrastructure over the next six years, making the new Multi-Year Program for FY24-29 the largest-ever construction program in state history. Read the governor's press release.

The new MYP includes $27 billion for roads and bridges, a 10 percent increase over the last MYP.  Of that total, the MYP provides $5.98 billion for improvements to an estimated 738 miles of bridge deck area.  IDOT also announced $4.6 billion for roads and bridges in FY 24, a 25 percent increase over FY 23. 

The MYP also includes almost $14 billion for other modes of transportation over six years. That includes $9.85 billion for transit, $2.67 billion for rail, $1.25 billion for aviation and $190 million for ports. 

For the first time, the MYP will include projects that may be built through design-build or CM/GC - 16 projects totaling $474.5 million are noted in the MYP as eligible for non-traditional delivery methods. IDOT stated that it may add alternative delivery projects to this list over the course of the program.  

View the Multi-Year Program main page, publications and supporting material, and fact sheets (by district). Download the District 1 Project list by County and the Multi-Year Program FY 2024-2029 document (also posted at the bottom of Friday Facts.)